"Het Beest"

Ik zag het Beest
de kat, de vos en God te sluw
in hongerige wanhoop
de aarde likken
tot zij
al bloedende en wenende
was verworden
van de paradijselijke vrucht
tot het magere,
holle klokhuis.



Als een jonge loot
Die uit de grond ontsproot
En woest werd uitgerukt
En in het glas gedrukt
'Zo is ze mooier'
Van de pot gerukt...


"De rauwe erotiek van een decadente bal"

Met iedere hap van zijn met mayonaise doordrenkte broodje bal
kroop de dood, als dikke lagen vet aan de binnenkant
van zijn reeds drastisch vernauwde aderen langzaam naderbij.
"Gelukkig laat ik de aarde schoon achter, met al die
saponificatie enzo"
Sprak hij terwijl hij, met vingers en al, het laatste stuk tussen
zijn glimmend-besmeurde lippen propte.



Met drie benen in het graf.


"Tour de France"

Fuck het gejakker en fuck het gesjees
Krijg toch de bagger, schijt aan de race.


"Will above Wish"

There was a man
He was working hard
All day long
And every night
He fell on his knees
And prayed to the Lord
For easier days
In this mortal world

Then once upon a day
He sprained his back
Tore a muscle
And broke his neck
He prayed to the Lord
To relief his pain
But his crying was in vein

He couldn't work
So he couldn't eat
And couldn't stand hearing
His wife and kids weep
So he killed them all
And bite by bite
He ate them whole
Until he died


But there was a man
He worked hard too
All day long
And every night
He sat to read
In the light of the moon
His eyes got sore
But he had sight

Then once upon a day
He had an idea
And he walked off
To a beehive near
He ate some honey
And collected wax
And drew a wick
From his woolen vest

He rolled a candle
When he got home
And placed it's base
Upon a stone
He struck a match
To set the wick alight
And scott said:
There will be light


"The falling fool"

I tripped and fell down from the skies
And as I tumbled down and tried to swim
Through the air humid thick and thin
Avoiding swarms of mocking mockingbirds
On my way down to earth
I realized:

"I only have to close my eyes
And think of wings
Air is not water
So why should I try to swim?!
I walked on milky roads before
The mistake was none but mine
When I tried to see the sky
I should have realized
That looking up would make no sense at all...
But I am the fool!
And mistakes are in my nature
And my nature is a necessity to be
And to become…
Then, is this a mistake at all?"

And so I closed my eyes
As I continued my tumble
All of the remaining ninetythree miles down
I thought of wings but met with rubble
And in the last seconds of my life
I realized:

"There are no flaws in nature and in space
And every step of the ladder that I climb
Is a step towards my destiny
Be it up or down
Is a matter of perspective
But there is always an objective
A reason perhaps at first unseen..."

  Jupiter MMX

"The Wheel"

And three came out of the womb
As I was sitting there
On pearl-paved pathways
And watched the rain pour
Gently from the earth
Into the infinite sea of stars
Through which I had been swimming
For so long before I was allowed
To see the sea and see
This spectacle from a new perspective
For I was angled upside-down
And downside-up
Only to be reborn
A new I and a new eye
Into the new aeon
Born through one and nine
To become three and free
And be as mercury
To solve and to coagulate
To divide and to mix
To become six
And die again
To become seven
Struck by eleven
I became two and twofold
To sow confusion and harvest wisdom
And sow again that wisdom
For wat we sow is what we harvest
And now I am sitting here
On pearl-paved pathways
Angled for progression
Through the infinite sea of stars
And as I watch the rain pour
Gently unto earth
I watch the spectacle and learn
How three grew into the womb

  XXXI - XII / I - XI - MMX

"Luna and the Hidden Hazard of Milk"

The bride revealed her chest
and like a mother she fed the child.
With a loving sigh she rested back
and taught her son of wrong and of right.

She washed his lips and tongue with milk
every day and every night.
Her breasts were never empty for him
if he craved and if he cried.

How could she have known what was to come
when she caressed him through his hair?
How could she have seen what he would become
while she took so much care?

But the son had a fury burning within
that bursted out now and then.
And when it did he dried off his face
and told her never to wash it again.

Oh how Luna cried in the depth of the night
and she secretly kept taking care.
But the son never slept and cat-wise he spied.
"How could she even dare?"

One morning it happened, in anger he screamed.
In a frenzy he washed off his skin.
"Now are you happy? Am I now clean?"
With tears in her eyes she left her kin.

Now Luna hides the entire day long
and by night she comes to wake.
She watches over her rebelious son
and grants him what he needs to take.


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